Monday, February 27, 2012

Silence Returns

Both the dog and the baby are having major issues with all the kids being back at school this week. The baby keeps yelling "TYLER...AJ...BOYS"  over and over again. The the poor dog went into Sammy's room with his toy all excited only to see Sammy not there. He went from room to room in the house whimpering and then settled on Sammy's bed.

Sammy has been dealing with anxiety lately. every night and every morning we have the same set of questions. He asks them over and over and over and it stresses me out to see him so stressed.
"is it morning time?"
"how long till morning time?"
"do I have school?"
"can I stay home?"
"can you dismiss me?"
"will you pick me up?"
"will it rain tomorrow?"
 It starts about 8pm at night and continues till he falls asleep. he then  comes in my room at night and asks as well if he wakes up. He then asks when I wake him in the morning again. Kids like Sammy struggle with stuff like this all the time. It can be frustrating for us, but I can only assume even more frustrating for them. Here is a great video showing a kid kind of like Sammy with avoidance behaviors and similar issues to Sammy.