Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Puppy Love

It hasn't even been a week yet but Sammy is in love. This is Chance. He was surrendered by my brothers friend. He is housebroken and behaves pretty well. He is a BIG dog. He looks my four year old in the eye. He thinks my bed is his too and follows Sammy like..well a puppy. We don't think he is more than 2 years old.

He started out with such a sad life. He was kept in a crate for a long time and was an absolute mess. He was over 6 months old when he learned to walk. He was neglected and who knows what else. He was then adopted by my brother's friend. He took care of him well enough but just couldn't keep him or afford to feed him. So, Chance was brought to my mom's and then here. He is such a sweet dog. very love starved and in need of constant reassurance.

Every time Sam gets into trouble he takes the dog upstairs with him, so he doesn't even fight it anymore. Every day since Chance came into our lives he has gotten up and gotten dressed after being woken by the dog. I hope and pray this isn't like other things that quickly fade away. I hope having Chance continues to be as awesome as it has been this week!