Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cuddle Bug

I have been crabbing lately about Sammy and his disconnecting from us. Last night I decided to push the issue a bit. If he doesn't want to be part of my world I will put myself in his.

Last night Daniel and I had to run to the store. We needed milk and yogurt and cheese. We planned on leaving the older kids in charge of Sammy and taking Grace with us. Nate was fast asleep.  Sammy popped up off the couch and told us "I am coming too" and quickly got dressed. OK! how could I say no. He came to the store, he pushed the cart  and helped me put things in. I tried to engage him with each thing. I prompted him to smell fruit, we weighed broccoli, we picked out GF waffles. He only wandered a little a few times and I was able to redirect him back over to us. I had fun with him. Daniel even taught him about scratch tickets in the vending machine (ohh the things men teach their children).

He was awake and in my bed when I got upstairs playing on Daniel's phone. I put the phone away and asked him to cuddle. He was ok with it but said he was not going to sleep. What happened next was nothing short of magically and exactly what we BOTH needed!

He wrapped his arms around my head and played with my hair. He snuggled in close and told me he loved me... like a banana! he kissed my eyebrows and fell asleep cuddled up with me.

Thank you Lord I needed this so much.

This morning however right back to where we were. I will take those moments and hold on to them. It's the only thing getting me through today.