Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lightening Speed

We woke up late today with just under 20 minutes to get ready for school. Normally this would result in total absolute chaos and the wailing and gnashing of teeth. It would end with me throwing Sammy over my shoulder and sitting him in his bus seat. It never ends well when we wake up late. The pressure of moving and get it done fast is usually too much for Sammy even on a good day. We have never ever had a good morning when being woken up late. Chance once again saved the day. jumping up as usual onto Sammy's bed licking him and pulling off the covers. I told Sammy we had to move quick. He looked at me and said "is it late" when I responded yes I expected him to start flapping and squeaking. I noticed my hands had already formed fists at my side ,clenched and stressed for what was to come. Nope ...Nothing "ok, can I wear this, will kids laugh at me?" I told him his shirt was great and he got up changed his pants,put on his socks and boots and ate his breakfast. Chance did not leave his side the entire time. Sammy at his oatmeal, made a choice for his lunch bag and got his coat on to go. No argument...nothing! Chance followed him to the fence(he hops the back fence to go to the bus with our neighbor). Chance watched him jump the fence, and waited until Sammy was in the neighbors house. He came back in and went for a nap. Mornings like this I forget. Mornings like this make me smile, make me trust,make me believe that it all can be ok. There may be no magic bullet,
there may be no answers, but for today, I got more than I ever thought I would have.