Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I feel like I'm in a fog today. It may simply be because I had to keep Sam home this morning due to a doctors appointment. He did pretty well with the exception of a small battle with Nate in the waiting room.

I sat there watching him for a few minutes this morning. He was sitting in the sunlight of the kitchen eating his breakfast. Nate was chattering on and on as always. Sam was silent, as is often the case.

He began mumbling "not now son, I'm making toast" which we haven't heard in a while. I sat silently watching and realized he was saying one phrase after another to himself. He just kept repeating them.
"Not now son I'm making toast. If your going to eat cake you'll need to use a fork. your cute but I don't understand what your saying. " and so on.

It's been years since I have heard him do this. It had always been a sign of being stressed out.

He looked up at me and asked.. Are Zombies Real?
Tears were welling up in his eyes and he was dead serious. Sam overheard his brothers talking about a zombie Apocalypse and he had no idea they were joking around. Nothing I say can convince him otherwise.

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