Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's all Possible


So I have spent some major time crying in my cornflakes the past few days. It's rough here. Sam's first spelling test came back and it was terrible. He is struggling with so much right now and I really just don't know how to help him. Tonight he said he wants to be a doctor. He wants to treat rabies and be a doctor.
Of course I told him he could do anything he set his mind to. I encouraged him and smiled. The entire time my heart was shattering in my chest thinking about all the things he would never do. He can't possibly become a doctor...right?

Then I saw this


Wow.I remember watching the video of this kid playing ball and thinking "WHY the hell didn't someone give him a chance BEFORE this?" So I read the article...twice.
Maybe it's pregnancy hormones, maybe it's being so tired, who knows. I started to cry again.

It changed my perspective on Sammy's options. No, he may never be a doctor, but I can guarantee he will surprise us all.
I want people to believe in my son and here I was doubting his dream. Somewhere in between here and there I stopped believing in my son and his ability. I always swore I would never do that...
Never say never... it's such a long time.