Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday. I will spare you all the details on how old I am. I woke up today to my darling Sammy making me a wonderful breakfast. He even served me breakfast in bed.
How awesome! Of course between him, Nate, and Grace they ate it all but that is fine.He also made me coffee and it was close to perfect! He did forget the spoon but I wouldn't ever say anything.

GF cheese toast and Coffee

He then stepped on a small drop of water in the kitchen. He fell apart, stripped off his clothes and spent the next 40 minutes wailing that his pants were wet. If his pants pants had in fact been wet, or if he had in fact had anything else to wear, I would have let him change. That wasn't the case, unfortunately.

Then this afternoon Sam and Nate got into Tyler's room and dumped an entire bottle of cologne on themselves.
If you have ever been pregnant you know how sensitive your sense of smell becomes. I now have a migraine.