Monday, September 10, 2012

My Heart Monday ~ Insults

To the lovely person who referred to my boys as birth control,

    Please understand my boys are NORMAL boys! The way they should be. I am frightened that you teach. I am glad you aren't teaching my boys. It frightens me to think you will have influence over peoples children. To top it off you are a special needs teacher. Thankfully you aren't in an age group I need to worry about any time soon.

    My boys are awesome! You have no idea what you're missing. You are just too young to understand still. Please, don't have babies any time soon darling. Not until you grow up and understand how hurtful and rude your comments were.

    At first I was really sad that you said what you did.  Then I was angry. You are a teacher after all, a special needs teacher. If anyone should understand energy and childhood exuberance it's you. Then I thought about how much your missing out on by not knowing my boys. So now I just feel sorry for you. You are missing out.

Feel free to read this GREAT article about REAL boys.