Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Raising Money

We watch a lot of movies here at the end of the day to kind of wind down. T.V. is almost always a sure fire way to get Sam to sit still, switch the language of the movie and instant success. We have a movie the kids received for Easter last year. It was "letters to God" and I thought  it would be a good movie for the kids. Turns out the kid dies in the movie at the end from cancer.

This is now the second or third time I have lost the movie choice privilege. The first was for picking  "Faith Like Potatoes" where another kid dies. Then another movie where, you guessed it, another kid dies. At that point Tyler suspended me from choosing Red Box movies because CLEARLY I am not very good at this.

a giant board Sam wants people to sign
Sam keeps watching the movie over and over. I am not sure what the appeal of it was for him. i didn't think he understood the premise of the movie. The little boy writes a letter to God every day, and because of it a TON of people are helped  with super serious problems. What Sam did understand though is that the boy died from Cancer. So now he has an idea.

He wants to raise money for kids with cancer. He made a sign for people to sign and he wants to have a lemonade stand. In just two weeks during the farmer's market next door we will have a lemonade stand. 25cents a cup. we might even have some cupcakes and cookies for sale. So if you just want to make Sam's day stop in  from 12-4 on Sunday 2 weeks from now. I promise I will remind you