Saturday, September 15, 2012

Derek Hoare 2011

I went to an amazing Pre race dinner tonight. It was my very first autism event. I can't wait to tell everyone about it tomorrow (after the half marathon) I spoke to a few people and told them the story of Ayn. This little girl stole my heart over a year ago. Here is her story

Derek Hoare 2011 ~ this story about a little girl that was removed from her father's care simply because they felt he was overburdened. As a parent of a special needs kids I find this appalling. I want to be sick. The damage and the fear this separation must be causing this father and his daughter AYN (who is super cute BTW) we all know how hard parents of autistic kids have to work to get their children to form bonds. My heart aches for this family. so please. spread the word, increase the pressure, and pray...

There is a facebook page set up  for updates and there is a link to the petition for Ayn as well

Ayn's Facebook Page

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  1. Thanks for blogging about this. Ayn is still not home.


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