Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Police Department

Today we brought Sam to the police department in our town. For the last few weeks Sammy has been unbuckling while the car is moving. He knows it is dangerous and he knows it makes me crazy. So, what does he do? UNBUCKLE!

 I warned him last time that it is against the law and I could get in big trouble. I reminded him how dangerous it was. He thought it was funny. I warned him that the police would not find it so funny. He decided he wasn't afraid of the police. Guess where I took him?


Dan went ahead of me and let them know what they were dealing with and I showed up with Sammy. The officer was awesome and Sam was flippant. The officer told him at one point to face him and Sam laughed and turned around. UGHH ballsy to say the least! I went over and turned him around to face the officer. Mind you, the officer was not asking for eye contact, just a little respect. the officer handled it so well and had just the right bit of edge. Normally I wouldn't go to these measures, but this is something serious. I am not a fan of scaring kids but this needed to hit home. The officer even showed him pictures of some crushed cars and explained what could happen to him in an accident.

Then the officer made it all come together. He told Sammy "Your mom loves you and doesnt want you to get hurt Sam. If you can behave and wear your belt , no more unbuckling, you can come down and I'll give you a tour of the place. How's That?" Sam lit up like a Christmas tree . Lets hope there aren't any more issues.