Monday, October 3, 2011


Today after reading this this post here it's come to my attention I may be overlooking how blessed I am It's really easy when things get really hard to feel like you have it bad. I do try to remind myself that it could always be worse.

No one knows what tomorrow brings and people loose children all the time. So today I am making an effort to think of all the blessings Sammy brings to my life.

1. When he smiles he lights up the world.
2. He is amazing with his baby sister
3. He has an amazing soft heart and gentle spirit
4. He can be really silly
5. His laugh always makes me laugh
6. Sammy has taught me so much about the kind of parent I am
7. Sammy creates in me a urge to do better, be better
8. I will never take going on a family outing and having it go well for granted again
9. I will never take speech and stories from my children as an absolute.
10. I will always be grateful even if for only one moment each day from now on

those are just a few amazing Sammy things. What makes you feel grateful? What are you proud of? How far have you and your kids come?