Tuesday, October 25, 2011

speed of thought

In the store today I was greeted by an adult male. I could tell he was special needs , and he reminded me so very much of Sammy. He wanted to see Grace and was so excited that she smiled at him. He and I spoke for a few minutes  about her and how she was a happy baby. He told me that he was a happy baby too and when he was little he hardly ever cried. He was so proud of this fact and was absolutely BEAMING. It got me thinking about Sammy growing up. His future and what that might look like. What do I want for him? What does he want for himself? How do I balance those things?

I want him to be happy.
I want him to be fulfilled.
I want him to know he is a good person, a gift from God Almighty.
I want him to know he is my treasure.
I want him to know how lucky we are to know him
I want him to be loved.

 this week I plan on writing about what each of those things means to me, and hopefully get Sammy to tell me what they mean for him. I need to get reconnected to him. I miss him. This week has just been so hard for all of us. So I'm taking a do over!