Friday, October 14, 2011

Sam Says

I asked Sammy if there is anything he would like me to put on his blog. I won't edit this and it will be only what he tells me.. OK *breath mom and release control*

I am Sam. I am Autistic ,my friends think I am not autism...autistic. I have 50 children in my friends book I read to my friends a lot of times I sometimes when they fall I help them get up and they say thank you Sam and get up. Maybe next time I don't need you help.maybe next time. the end. That's it that period that is it period it. the end

 Every once in a while I like just asking Sam to do these things. To help him see there is more than just our house and school in the world. It lets me peek inside his head and what he thinks. We told Sammy this year that he does have autism. That it means he has strengths and weaknesses and it means his brain works different than others. He has since tried to use having autism as an excuse.  He hit his brother and said "I can't help it I has autism" I'm not sure where he got this from but someone let him get away with something. I am sure it was probably a neighbor kid, because they are always asking what Sammy really understands and what is ok for Sammy to do.