Thursday, October 20, 2011

free falling

It seems we are free falling here Complete chaos and uncontrollable anxiety with Sammy tonight. I guess it was my fault. I changed the routine and it messed him all up.Yesterday Dan was home which has changed the Earth's axis.  You see part of the wrinkle in our universe is because Daniel had a tooth pulled and is mostly out of commission. Daniel usually takes AJ to soccer on Thursdays, however Dan couldn't drive tonight. I really had no other choice. My leaving was not acceptable to Sammy and he began to get edgy as soon as I left. Moments after , Tyler left the room Sammy was in. This left Sammy alone. Sammy has developed this weird fear of being alone, he can't even go in the bathroom alone sometimes. When Tyler left him to put away a toy, Sam lost it. He ran after Tyler and attacked him. I arrived home about an hour after I left to chaos. As soon as Sam saw me he began to settle, I did have to intervene to save some glass angels and to protect Nate . Suddenly all was well and the storm blew over and Sam sat to make me something cool.

It's so hard watching your child chased by a demon. To see his sweet face tortured. To know he just cant free himself from all the confusion and fear. I am powerless.It may be time for us to consider medication. I'm just so scared. How do I make this decision?

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  1. Big hugs, we have phases with Heidi where she can not do anything alone. It is hard going.

    Annie is on anxiety medication now, it took us two years of investigating other options to help reduce her anxiety - with no success before we decided to go with the medication, hopefully the medicine will give the other interventions and chance to work.


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