Monday, October 24, 2011

coffee and a side of sunshine

5am here is rather dark and my it's the time my husband is getting up and ready for work.  He often places at least one sleeping child, sometimes two back into their beds as I pump. I let him leave Nate so I had someone warm in the bed, but had him put Sam back into his. Sammy isn't usually in my bed in the morning but he had a bad dream sometime around 3 am.
 Twenty minutes after Daniel left I heard Sammy getting up. If you have ever seen those old war movies with the sirens and lights flashing then you have a pretty fair description of what was going on in my head.  My jaw was clenched and my entire body on red alert as he padded (thumped really) and I said softly and gently and happily "Hey Mister"  Sammy whispered back "hey soul sister aint that mister mister on the radio, stereo" as he climbed in beside me and kissed my nose. I continued with the next line for him ( I am a sucker for music ) and his eyes got really big. the conversation went something like this

Sam: do you work at my school?
Me  : no Sammy
Sam:  do you have another children at my school before?
Me   : no Sammy
Sam: then how do you know that song?!

apparently they sing it at school during morning meetings sometimes. That and We Will Rock You. He is also learning a new song about belonging together.
I really do love this school. his principle is such a gift to those students. I watched her greet every single student by name as they got off the bus in the morning.

We currently have a vote coming up in town to build a new school and combine the two failing, dilapidated, old schools into one newer school with therapy rooms (rather than no rooms now or closets) I just hope and pray we don't loose that small school feel. It still wouldn't be more than 400 kids total, but right now we are only half that at the school. Plus the issue of Sammy going to another school for third grade while they build the new school.  I don't even know if that would be a good idea

So today has started with sunshine before the sun has even gotten up. I'll take it!