Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I want him to be happy

Sam ~I have no idea what that means for Sammy. I guess it goes along with being fulfilled. What does someone need to be happy?

It's difficult for me to imagine Sammy as an adult because I really have no idea how he will change over the next 10 years. There is no rubric for development in this arena.  So lets assume he continues to grow intellectually and emotionally because imagining he can't hurts too much. I can see him with a job he loves. As much as I would love to imagine him a doctor, lawyer or scientist I don't think that is likely. Perhaps he will be a video game designer,an architect, a musician or something that allows him to be hands on. He loves Legos and video games so I think either of those things will make him happy. He thinks outside the box and there are so many ways for him to blossom even I cannot wrap my head around it. He always surprises me and I love that about him. Maybe he wont be able to hold a job and will spend his days playing video games and making puzzles. Will that make him happy? I don't know really. Right now happy for Sammy means no socks,underwear,school  or homework.

I know that regardless of his choices further on in life I am here, in his corner, every day.
Nothing changes that.

Sammy's ideas ~
Mom  ~what makes you happy?
Sam   ~ I want to be a fire fighter when I am tall.I want to be a cop.  I'm going to have a job.
Mom  ~why?
Sam   ~Because cops have guns.
at this point Sammy was done.