Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear Sir or Madam

Dear Sir, While I understand full well the obnoxious noise my son is making I do not particularly care if it bothers you. You see it bothers me too, but neither of us can stop it. He has as much right to be in the grocery store as you do. Please understand that this in no way entitles you to roll your eyes and whisper what a bad parent I am. Come spend a day with us, then make your judgement.

 Dear Sir, When you say things like "better you than me" your right. Congratulations.

 Dear Madam, Before you whisper to your husband that I cannot handle my children and shouldn't have had another one, please check your hearing aid. Everyone in isle three heard you.

 Dear Sir, I did not share with you my sons autism because I wanted pity. I told you because your child is trying to talk to him and being ignored. Your child is getting upset at this. Perhaps if you concentrated on your child and not what mine was doing we could fix this.

 Dear Madam, My son being autistic does not magically make him a genius any more than asking stupid questions makes you a game show host.

 Dear Madam, Please let me decide if we can handle it. What I can handle is none of your business and your opinion does not matter

 Dear Sir, When I ask my son to look towards you when speaking , do not tell him it's fine. He has been working very hard to be more social and he needs these skills.

 Dear Madam, If you are uncomfortable with my child playing with yours then by all means leave the play ground. My child is autistic, not dying or diseased. Your child will not catch what he has.

 Dear Madam, Behavior chart means just that BEHAVIOR. That does not mean turning in your paper. While I can truly appreciate your wanting to teach independence to your second grade class,my son does have autism. He still struggles with hanging up his coat, eating with utensils and remembering which stop to get off the bus. Lets work on those first.OK?

 Dear Sir, I am as offended by the overpowering smell of your cologne and your back hair peeking of your shirt as you are with my son hopping up and down saying the funny thing he smells burns his nose. That would be your cologne creating this . Thanks again.


  1. Wow. this is breath taking... I mean literally I stopped breathing while reading it. Every single person should read this. Truly.

  2. thank you so much guys. nice to meet you both

  3. Don't you wish people could mind their own business? All this makes me crazy.

  4. LOVE this~~ have been going through the same for the past 17 years with my son whom I love dearly~ Thanks for expressing all that parents of children with Autism are feeling and doing so eloquently :)

  5. Love this! so true too. Thanks for sharing this here and for giving a voice to a lot of us that wish we had more of one. I found this blog through a comment you posted on another blog ( Although, the other one had some points in it that I could relate to, I like (and can relate more to) yours the best. Thanks :)

  6. thanks guys and nice to meet you! It is hard. most people just dont get it. sometimes I just feel sad and lonely

  7. Well said, Annemarie. After reading your profile, I'm amazed you can even find time to feel sad and lonely! I have two with a ridiculous range of physical and neurological challenges and had to stop there.

    I am just launching my new (anonymous for now) blog - My Whac-A-Mole Life - and coincidentally started with a thematically similar story. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    If you find a moment, check out "Top 10 things NOT to say to a special needs mom...and what I'm really thinking when you do."

    The site is
    Take care!


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