Sunday, October 23, 2011

Words for Sammy

My mother wrote a sweet poem for Sammy on her blog  Nanni's Notes  It's been hard on all of us dealing with autism here. It made me think. I don't know that I have ever written a poem or letter for Sammy.

My darling Sammy When you were born
placed in my arms cuddled close to me.
I saw for a second everything you would be
all the promise in your tiny eyes
I watched you in the nursery
all the babies around you were crying.
You my love, were content and quiet
How lucky a mommy I am
To have such a docile child
I watched you grow and held you close
You nursed so well.
You ate quickly never looking up
How lucky a mommy I am
To have such a focused child
We giggled at your quirks
and smiled at your focus
I watched you climb and toddle
so much more interested in movement than toys
How lucky a mommy I am
To have a child who entertained himself
You were learning and mumbling
You spoke slowly
but you spoke
You were just more focused on going
moving. running, jumping
How lucky a mommy I am
to have a boy who is so able
You stopped talking
You sat alone
Lining your trucks and blocks up
color coded

Your words disappeared
your smile went along
You screamed, you cried
where had my little boy gone?
We fought against the demons that followed
we struggled against an unmovable force
More discipline, less discipline.
more limits, less limits
nothing seemed to work
You stopped and so did our world
You railed against something I couldn't understand
then the words the doctor spoke
shattering me
your son has autism
lost and whirling
out of control
asking What can we do
being told nothing
and going home broken
embarrassed to tell my friends
with kids who really had autism
The doctors must be wrong
mistakes happen
not my son

For years We fought back
therapy at home.
therapy at school
nothing was simple
everything hurt
restraining and holding
rage and disappointment
No way out
The sun did not shine
We fought out from under the snow that had fallen
we woke from our slumber
fueled by anger and fear
I wanted my boy back
he was just within my reach
the words came slowly
quietly at first
so less tormented
so less frustrated
he whispered I love you
what a lucky mommy I am
to have a boy like you
no matter what moments bring
no matter the struggle
I am so very lucky
to have such a wonderful boy