Thursday, March 1, 2012

There is no I in Team

There is no I in Team ~ unless you talk about the IEP team, then of course you do find an I, but it's not part of the word team, just part of the phrase.

I feel blessed. seriously amazingly blessed to have the team we do for Sammy.

Sammy has been struggling for a few weeks...months at school. It has gotten steadily worse to a point where he was refusing to do his school work, getting sent to see the principle, bringing home extra work he didn't finish and so forth. Nothing was working. Nothing we tried seemed to help. His principle even called during vacation week hoping we could figure something out before we went back this past Monday.

 We included a friend of mine that works with kids like Sammy , his teacher, the principle and myself on an email. We considered having him stay after school to finish, but given the fact that Sammy asks me every day to pick him up that probably wasn't a great idea.

Here is what we all came up with. If he completes his work during the afternoon he get's video game time at home. 30minutes right after school to play his beloved star wars lego game. If he does not complete his 3 things then he does not get his video game time right after school and looses his choice for the SWL(Star Wars Lego) game for his evening time . He can choose his other games for that time. His principle came up with an awesome visual for him and we are not 3 for 3.

I love our team. I really feel like I am heard. More importantly I feel like Sammy has a voice for what he needs. I really feel so blessed.