Sunday, March 11, 2012


I don't often write on a weekend, there is often just too much to do around here. Sunday's are usually really hard for Sammy, but with the sunshine and  slightly warmer weather, everyone is outside right now. We missed mass this morning because the car was being fixed, so we will go tonight. By then Sammy will already be dressed so it shouldn't be the drama it usually is. I may actually get to enjoy it tonight!

I am not writing for any of those reasons, but because I wanted you all to know how very very blessed I feel! I never would have imagined 4 years ago that Sammy would be able to touch so many lives. I get letters here and there from people who have been touched by his story. I get emails from moms that no longer feel so alone. I get asked for advice. Sammy inspires people through this blog. over 200 people are now reading almost every day according to my stats. I don't feel prepared for any of it, but regardless it's there.
Shannon AKA "my ponytail"

I wanted you all to know about the Autism 5K that my friend is doing. The team name is "For Sammy" take a look at this! Now, when I saw this I burst into tears. Not misty eyes little tears , but catch in your throat kind of tears. The ones you can't stop, can't fight, and can't forget. Shannon has helped us with Sammy's behavior for just about forever.Sammy loves her and called her "My Ponytail" for a long time. She is one of my very closest friends and one of the few I consider part of my village. I am blessed beyond measure by her. I know that she is ALWAYS in my corner. I know she loves Sammy. So she names this group "For Sammy" and the proceeds are going to autism research.

I don't think I have ever felt so lucky,loved and grateful as I do right now. Thank you Shannon, from Sammy, our family, and every child this will help. It is such a BIG DEAL.

I am blessed to have you in my life.