Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another One Rides The Bus

Sammy is impulsive. Super impulsive. I mean like middle of the sentence punches you for no reason because it crossed his mind kind of impulsive. We have an issue with this of course. I can't allow him to beat people up, or spit, or pee on the sidewalk, or strip in public. It has happened but we don't allow it to. For those of you with Special kids you get what I mean.

We are on warning 4-5 with the bus company. Usually, its 3 warnings and they are off the bus. It hasn't been said to me yet and I doubt it will right now.

Sam's team is awesome, I think I said it before. Even his teacher, that we weren't too sure about at the beginning of the year is getting most of the stuff. She's been very patient with Sammy and dear Lord has he given her a run for it this year.

At his team meeting a few weeks ago we talked about a bunch of stuff. Bus issues came up ( I brought them up) and we talked through ways to help. A front seat doesn't do much good because the other kids with "behavior issues" just sit next to him in the front as well. I wanted to have him use his noise cancelling headphones, but Ms. G made a great suggestion. Get him an something to listen to so he doesn't just stand out. The other kids will not pick on him for it and he can sit and be mellow on the bus. So I cleared and re programed my ipod. I double checked for questionable songs, and he takes it to school. When he gets there, his principle or aid take it from him and put it away safe. He gets it when it is time to go. SO far SO good. he seems to love and appreciate the music and it makes him happy happy to have it with him.

So far the bus driver is happy with his behavior as well. I just don't want to get any more notes from the bus company telling me he was "being annoying to others"