Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wonder Hubby Strikes Again

My darling husband has been caring for me for the last 2 weeks since Evie was born.He has been doing laundry, cleaning house, taking care of children, cooking meals and waiting on me.Not once has he given me a hard time about it. He just manages to get it done. I hope he knows how grateful I am that he works so hard to make me happy.
15 minutes before Squish joined us Earth side

He held my hand and rubbed my back during labor with all our babies. He holds my hand for no reason. He kisses my forehead because he knows it calms me. He loves me without complaint. I could learn a lot from him about love and service.

I tend to complain, cry, pout and sometimes I even sulk. He doesn't. He just takes care of me gladly.

I'm pretty blessed.