Monday, March 25, 2013

Forward Progress

Sam finished up the wrestling season a few weeks ago. There was a banquet for the kids and food and  awards. It was also Tyler's final banquet, but I am not in any frame of mind to think about his last anythings right now. So for now we talk about Sam.

Sam dressed up for Coach P. Shirt and dress pants and vest. He couldn't wait to show Coach P how spiffy he looked. It wasn't lost on Coach and he made sure to comment. Coach P shook Sam's hand and told him how glad he was that Sam was there. It's been a few weeks and Sam will still ask once in a while " Coach was proud of me wasn't he?"

He keeps talking about how much he wants to wrestle again next year and how much he loved it.


He received a crystal award with his name on  and it sits beside Tyler's on the mantle. He shows every single person that comes in the house!