Friday, March 1, 2013


I watch my sweet girl Evangeline sleeping. I sit and drink in her scent like the worlds most expensive perfume. I barely put her down because without her my arms ache. They physically ache without her. I bury my nose into her neck, her skin is so soft.
 There were some serious complications following the birth. It was scary for my husband. My care provider handled it wonderfully. I felt cared for and safe despite being terrified  I don't feel traumatized.

I just feel blessed to be here. Blessed to hold my sweet girl. Blessed to see the connection happening between Sammy and his newest sibling. Nothing brings him out like a baby does. nothing. You can tell me that our kids cannot connect. You can show me the studies about autism and empathy. You can list any statistic you like but i KNOW better. He has a hard time connecting to me some days , but it's there. He never struggles to connect with his siblings.