Friday, March 15, 2013

My Church

I was raised Catholic.

 There was a period of time where I chose to do things my way and leave the faith. It didn't work out so well to be honest.
I went back to church. I discovered my husband (who I had known forever) and he is the absolute love of my life. I started to learn more about my faith and started to understand so much more about what it meant to be Catholic. I met Michelle a few years later through AYSA and I liked her right away. She always seemed so calm , something I wasn't. She introduced me to the ladies and mom at SFX. I'll be honest some of them scared me at first. The Energy the ladies had was amazing. I later learned it was because the Spirit was in the room and really did move these ladies. The Entire parish loved us, accepted us and took us in. We moved over to SFX and we have been there happily ever since. I learned about adoration, Divine Mercy Sunday, Confession, Forgiveness, and real Faith.

Apparently I am still learning.

This time about Generosity, Love, and Service.

I am forced to rest right now. The people of our church all came together and set up child care for a week after Daniel used his PTO. Meals are being delivered every night for us. There are a bunch of other things that are being done to help. We have friends taking care of an issue with the house. Not to mention the love and care of all these people praying for us and checking in on us.

I really love my church family.