Sunday, March 17, 2013

Making use of my time

I could write about the crappy day Sammy. I could write about how we had the police here before 11 a.m. and how we have hit a definite limit with him. I could tell you about how it took me all day to figure out why Sam was such a wreck. I could tell you about his fear of MCAS this week. But I don't want to relive it right now

We the kids moved the bedrooms around last weekend so we will soon have an empty room for the girls. I am beside myself excited about planning this bedroom for the girls. I've never been able to plan a girl room before. Pinterest and I have become great friends. Dwellinggawker and I get along fantastically well and I have thousands of ideas. Now budget is an issue of course so I need to come up with something cheep and easy but sweet and fun. Something that will grow with the girls for the next few years but isn't overly frilly.

Let me know if you have ideas. I could use them