Monday, March 11, 2013


Due to some unforeseen circumstances I need a little more help the next few weeks. Recovery hasn't gone as easily as I would like and I am left feeling powerless and stressed. My house , my life, and my laundry are all a mess. The pile of dirty clothes is now taller than I am. I think ... since I am not allowed downstairs right now.

I am a do it yourself kind of girl. I don't often ask for help or accept help. I don't like to be vulnerable. It's very difficult for me for sure. This has been a humbling experience.

A dear friend of mine has begun organizing some help me while I am down for the count. I feel so blessed to have the friends I do. My sister in law came yesterday and spent the day with me while my friend Michelle took the littles for the day. It was very restful.

I am so grateful to have people that care about me this way