Thursday, July 19, 2012

To You

To the woman outside watching my son screaming,

How this family must have looked to you. This gorgeous little blonde child screaming as though I were beating him with hot pokers. You stood there watching us, and I think you may have forgotten to close your mouth. A few years ago I would have been offended and upset. I would have given in to the tirade just to make it stop, because I didn't want yet another person to judge me.I would have gotten in the car and cried until I couldn't catch my breath.

 Instead I looked up at you and smiled. I asked you if you wanted to come and help. I guess I am still slightly passive aggressive. I was always taught it isn't polite to stare.You couldn't decide if I was seriously asking for help. I am almost certain someone called the police as well, after hearing my son screaming. The officers here know us. they know Sam. They know the deal. They drove by, smiled and waved, and kept going. I don't know if you are the one who called, or if it was someone else sitting there watching.

In case your wondering. We did finally get him pealed off the hood of the car. We did finally get him buckled. We did get him to the party. He had a fantastic time.