Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Dentist

This past weekend it was a dental day for Sam and Nate.
Nate has a few cavities and Sam had one. We fixed the one Sammy had and 2 of the littlest ones of Nate's.
We go to Perfect Smiles and we see the pediatric dentist there. He is fabulous with kids like Sam and even with busy kids like Nate. Really if your looking for a great local pedi dentist give them a call. Tell them I sent you

Sammy had a rather large break in his tooth and as a result he was in a little pain. The dentist did an awesome job with him. It was fast so there wasn't any chance for a meltdown. He reached out for Dan's hand at one point because the drill made him nervous. Mostly he just watched cartoons.

Nate had a few more cavities. Unfortunately he has my dimpled teeth and inside those dimples were little itty bitty cavities. He has two more between his very crowded back teeth as well that we will address one at a time. Those take a little more work.

They both did fantastically well.