Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Magical Moments

We don't venture out often with Sammy to traditional places. We go when it's quiet, empty, and safe. That way when (not if) he melts down we can get out fast. We always have an escape plan.
When you have a kid like Sam , sometimes military tactics are necessary!

We dropped Tyler off at BU for 12 days of wrestling camp. The ride up and back was a little rough for Sammy since sitting still is NEVER his forte. We all survived it. We were coming over the bridge to our house and Daniel mentioned the carnival on the other side. I cursed under my breath. My darling husband wasn't thinking that Sammy had probably already had more than enough stimulation for the day. I wasn't happy, the question "how many blocks did I earn" had already begun being asked repetitively.
If we said no to the carnival, there would be a meltdown.
If we said yes to the carnival, there would be a meltdown.
There was no winning this.
So... we went to the carnival.

I prayed so hard that it would be ok. The last time we attempted anything of the sort it started with spinning pumpkins but ended with having to restrain him in the back of the pavilion as he tried to flip the table to get away from all the people.
I just couldn't take a repeat. 

Then the magic happened. 
There was almost no one there, and Sam took a minute to gather it all in. He got flappy for a bit and I was prepared to leave. Then he hugged me and told me I was the best mom ever. He tuned in to me, the world around him. For the first time in as long as I can really remember he was 100% present. He engaged. He went on rides. He loved the Ferris Wheel and the Polar Express. It was such sheer joy just watching him enjoy the fair. He asked to buy a water bottle. That was the best 3$ water bottle we have ever bought. We walked home the two blocks. We played on the cannons. We sang and we ran.
We snuggled and watched a movie.

And just like that, the next morning, he was gone. Disengaged and moody.
It didn't matter because now I have that wonderfully amazing night in my head. I know it CAN happen so there is hope it will happen again. What a blessed night we had,truly magical.