Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Level II Graduate


 It's official Chance has graduated from obedience school. It's funny how much easier a dog he is. he is so calm and sweet. He is a joy to spend time with. We love that dog. He helps Sammy so much.

The bone that had been the core of the problem the day Grace was hurt has been sitting in out pantry, wrapped and waiting. We brought it out to show him and see if there was still possessiveness. He sniffed it and refused to even take it. I have brought it out a few times since and still, he doesn't want it.

We wont ever give him a rawhide like that again. They aren't good for dogs or my heart... just in case.

We have noticed when the baby is sleeping in her car seat, Chance wants to be where he can see her. If I move her, he moves. They aren't ever alone and he is never close enough for me to worry. He watches her though. It's very sweet.

I don't know this would have had such a happy ending if it weren't for Rick of South Coast Canines. We would have likely put the dog down. I am so glad we didn't. If your dog has some quirky behaviors or even just pulls on the leash. you really should give Rick a call. It's worth it.

A well behaved dog is so much easier to enjoy.