Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Snuggle Time

I cuddled up with you today , My sweet fluffy headed child. Your head heavy on me as we lay together on the couch. It's so hot here. The only room in the house with the air conditioning on in this one. You came in to share my space, to be here. At first as I snuggled you I thought you were joining me in my world. Spending time here, instead of there. As i watched your fingers flit through my hair and over my face, I realized that You were inviting me to join you there. In your world.

The world that finds rainbows in oil slicks, and sunshine in lemon. The world that makes music out of wind and rain. The sounds and the textures that we are all far to busy to see. You wanted me with you, and I happily followed.

It's still incredibly warm with your body beside mine as you whispered in my ear "You're the bestest mommy ever"

And in that moment, a split second really. Our worlds met in the middle. My sweet fluffy headed boy, I promise to take more time to find that place that makes sense to both of us. Because you are amazing. Because you are loved. Because you . are. mine.