Monday, July 9, 2012


We were given free tickets to the circus and so we went. I kept my expectations as low as possible. I had my escape plan just in case. I figured it would end badly.

It didn't. It was really awesome actually. Sammy wasn't super thrilled but Nate and Grace LOVED it. Sammy did enjoy the foot juggling and has tried to imitate it a few times now. He wasn't really there with us, he was just kind of there. It's ok, any outing without a meltdown is a win in my book.

The kids had their first cotton candy. It was color free and flavor free. Just plain old spun sugar! SCORE!
Sammy enjoyed that. Nate did too of course. Grace did not love it. They rolled down the hill at intermission and played on the playground after.
We went home and all was well. Not a total win but it shows there is some hope yet.