Friday, September 23, 2011

Storming the castle

Like I said last night was open house. Do you think she could have mentioned his behavior is taking a downward spiral? Maybe just a heads up? Anything?


So his behavior card comes in today and he received 2 warnings Wednesday and today. In fact today he HURT someone. He jumped on a child. The child went to the nurse and an accident report was filed. Why didn’t anyone call me about this? No warning, just a note and his behavior slip. The note actually made me chuckle and then I got mad. Maybe I am just over sensitive and maybe it’s just my baggage. The note  reads

Mr + Mrs Chagnon,
 Today  at music Sam “jumped” and hit another student in the arm pretty hard. The student had to go to the nurse and an accident report was written up. please speak with Sam about trying to think before he acts He did say he was sorry

Now to be fair this is only the third or fourth week of school so some adjustment is to be expected. And to be fair, we were spoiled last year with one of “those” teachers. You know the ones that make you feel really great about he school your child is in. So his teacher this year has a long way to go in our eyes to “measure up” She seems great, intelligent and reasonably understanding but she is missing that special something the other teacher had. I don’t feel certain with his placement this year but I am also rather protective of Sammy. So we wait.

What angers me is the “please speak with Sam about trying to think before he acts” WOW a few weeks in and she has it all figured out . How did we miss this so long? We just have to speak with him about not being impulsive. DUDE why didn’t I think of that? Seriously could have saved myself a ton of extra crap. I want to write back

Dear Teacher,
Sammy has autism and ADHD there for he is extremely impulsive. That is why we outline restrictive safety measures for Sammy when out in the community. He has very few safety skills and even less empathy. He can be a danger to other students as well as himself. How did my child get high enough on something to jump on another child and hurt him this way? Please review his IEP ASAP.

I want to send that note in, but I wont. I will write something along those lines  but far nicer. I will send her in lot’s of reading material about impulsivity and ASD kids. I will remind her that  a few years ago he got away from a teacher and ran into the street. I will reiterate my concern for his safety. But not one bit of it will be snarky or angry. Sarcasm helps no one right?

That’s what this blog is for…