Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't ask me how I do it

Don't ask me how I do it. how I keep things together or how I manage every day. Don't ask me how I manage to get things done, or go fun places. Don't ask me how I manage to cook or clean the house. Don't ask me.please it makes me nuts when people say that. I manage the same way everyone else does. one moment at a time, one breath, one step and I still screw up

Today we had a bad day.First I couldn't sleep last night.Then my computer ate all of the photos from Sammy's birthday party. Sammy was wild last night and it seems to have carried over to today. We were restraining him by 11am just so he wouldn't hurt himself or anyone else. He attacked his little brother over a program they were watching on Netflix. I handled some of the outbursts very well and was proud of myself. I had to walk away after a few hours though. He has a weird rash and it's setting his sensory system out of whack. He's angry and mean sometimes and this was one of those times. An Epsom salts bath and some warm milk with honey seemed to mellow the child out.

He was so wild yesterday I never got around to posting what I wanted to and the playroom still looks like a bomb went off. I think my neighbors may be thinking that white trash moved into the neighborhood because there are toys and pieces of things littering my driveway all the time. We did however have an awesome dinner with a great friend and I did get a little knitting done.Nate and I got to cuddle and I got a couple of great hugs from Sammy

I am not Martha Stewart,or Betty Crocker or Donna Reed. I am just me. I am raising 5 kids and quite often those five kids are far more important that the dishes or laundry. I would rather finger paint and bake than vacuum and dust.It drives my OCD crazy to see everything in the toy room out at once,but there will come a time when it will all be clean and organised. By then all my babies will be grown and i will miss these moments.

Sammy at 2.5
So please don't ask me how I do it because the honest answer is ...I don't


  1. I know that feeling. Don't ask me how I do it cause then I might just have to admit that it's not nearly as put together as it looks.


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