Monday, September 26, 2011

hands free homework

The little neighbor girl lives with her Nana. He mom moved out a while ago. She spends a lot of time here and we love on her. Today her Nana sent her over because she couldn't understand the homework the kids had. She is in second grade with Sammy but in different classes. Same homework.

They sat together and Little Miss caught on fast after we went over it. Sammy was obsessing over snack and chewing his pencil. Once snack came out he got work done. he ate and worked diligently but only on that one paper. I let him save the second one for after dinner.

I reminded him later in the evening about the paper. No argument,no fight nothing just "ok mom" before the paper was even in front of him however he was asking for help. Then something amazing happened
he stopped.Looked at it and said "nope,never mind I got this" and proceeded to do about 3/4 of his math paper alone. WOW. what an awesome night.

it's those little things. the tiny steps that mean so much to parents of special kids. the things most parents take for granted, or loose the wonder of. I know I did before Sammy.