Sunday, September 18, 2011

The chaos of mermaids

Sammy loves movies and will often watch them over and over. he perseverates on bits and pieces. Little sections that are part of the whole. Things that often aren't noticed by anyone but him. It makes figuring out what movie he means to watch very difficult sometimes. He cannot often remember the name of the movie and instead gives us a quote or a detail.

Sammy watching Hercules 
yesterday it was the little mermaid . he was crying and flailing because no one understood him or what he wanted. He just kept insisting that he watched it at the cops house and the girl got skinny. Daniel could not figure out what he meant.

turns out Sammy thought Daddy was trying to trick him and not watch the whole movie. He was convinced that Daddy had somehow started it in the middle and was very upset. He was talking about the one time he watched it at Daniel's friend Jeremy's(the cop) house. He thought the movie started where Ursula turned into the girl who stole away the prince. No convincing him otherwise. He did settle down after a few times rewinding it until it stopped (yes its a VHS) Then he watched the movie through.

Someday These things wont catch me by surprise...right?