Thursday, August 16, 2012

This one time band camp...

How many people know where that line comes from?

I laughed every single time I hear it. You see I was a band geek. Like really, a total geek. I don't really think I had friends outside of chorus, drama, band and a few random ROTC friends. I was so OK with that because most of my friends were just like me. I was also however an over emotional mess in high school. I cried a lot , and often for no good reason that I could ever discern. I lacked social skills, humor, and the ability to not be a drain on most of my friends. Yes, I was that girl! I remember being at band camp all day long and often until dark. I remember writing each set down and tripping over myself as we blocked. Please tell me someone else remembers band camp as fondly as I do? While there were no (or not many) escapades like they mentioned in the movie, it was still a blast.

Thanks to our business group I have learned some awesome social skills such as listening  not always needing to  be right, and how to appear empathetic. empathy is still so hard for me.

AJ started band camp this week for FHS. He loves it. They sound pretty good too, much to my surprise! He plays the trumpet and he plays it well!

I have been watching him play, since its just across the street, and it's been really awesome. It's also bringing back all these awesome memories I have of my years in band. I hope he loves it as much sa I did. I am so proud to see him out there, working hard for something he loves.