Monday, August 27, 2012

Rougher days

We have an extra week of summer here because of issues at Sam's school. I am frazzled and tired and I have had MORE than enough. Sammy is stressed because the plan has changed. I am a mess because the plan has changed. Sam's school had an air quality test done and it failed. It was bad enough that they pushed school back until after labor day. They called an emergency meeting. Everyone is scared and panicked and with good reason.

These are our babies we are putting in their hands. We are trusting them with one of the worlds most precious commodities. If God forbid something goes wrong, we have to live with it! I don't know what is going to happen, I don't know what my choices will be.

Stay with Mrs. H-M and the team that I KNOW gets him what he needs every time. The woman who goes above and beyond to figure out what works for Sammy and implement it, even if that meant calling me over vacation to chat, even if that meant taking advice from someone she has never met, someone across the country. This team has gone to bat for my boy and so many others like him. I truly believe that Mrs. H-M won't go forward if it isn't 100% safe.
I will never forget the first IEP meeting that I went into. I was ready to fight after the crap that got pulled in our other school district simply because Sam was DX outside of the school. The Dr. had worded it as "I Think Samuel has autism" and they pounced on that with "he doesn't REALLY have a DX". We went in to the meeting scared and defensive.We were met with compassion, understanding, and a true sense of TEAM. They wanted to help Sam. 2 years later, it hasn't changed.

Or do we change schools and press our luck? Uprooting him into a school where he knows no one would be disastrous. It has taken him 2 years to get to know everyone at Wood.

Or do we home school him until it's 100% certain it's safe and pressure the district to provide in home service. I don't think I have the patience for this option, but if it comes down to it I will. Oh I hope I don't have to though.
Saying that seems so selfish.
It's time like this I wish autism wasn't an issue.
That would make it easier.