Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Monday

Trying something new for a change and going to link up with Lisa Leonard for a Hello Monday

HELLO - to a prom that went off without a hitch and a young man that proves time and time again that he has outstanding character.

HELLO - To a graduation and a party for my handsome amazing son Tyler. to phone calls from his future boss. to teaching him how to budget, grocery shop, and cook all in a few weeks.

HELLO - To rain this morning that will help me get the laundry done (otherwise I might just play hooky) and it also means i don't have to water my garden today either!

HELLO - to nap time. both girls are down at the same time and I am beyond thrilled

HELLO - baby squeals. Evie has started to chatter and make all sorts of delicious noises.

HELLO - to homeschool that works at the right pace for my very distractable young boy.

HELLO - to beach tomorrow with people that think like we do.

HELLO - to hot coffee now that I have a keurig (thanks again TracyB) no more barely hot coffe that has been sitting in the pot forever.

its a week of firsts and lasts and so many in betweens. I find myself emotional in so many different ways. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family. My kids are all so great.