Friday, June 7, 2013

Grandparent Salute

Grandpa Gary
Every time Tyler had a fundraiser, needed help, wanted to talk, or had questions Grandpa has been there. 
This is my mom. My dad was working and couldn't make it. Nanni is always there when Tyler needs her. Whether it's for a ride, a phone, fundraisers, or just support , she has been there for him. Even rushing to our house to take care of the other littles when Tyler got hurt .

The best grandparents  that didn't need to be. They didn't need to love Tyler. They didn't NEED to treat him the same. They did it anyway. Never once has Tyler felt slighted by Memere and Pepere. They have been there for Tyler all the way from Florida! Birthday cards, get well cards, love, support and understanding. No wonder their son is so great!

Gran Gran has made such an effort lately and we are blessed by it. The support he offered Tyler when he went for surgery was a welcome comfort. 

To all of Tyler's grandparents. You are loved by Tyler. Thank you for your unconditional, unwavering love of  this amazing young man. He wouldn't be the well adjusted , well rounded young man without everything you have done to show him your unconditional, unwavering, no strings attached Love. So thank you for all you do.