Friday, November 25, 2011


It's been a week since I have been in this space. An entire week and it feels like a lifetime. One week since I have even had the time to sit and write. I haven't even had the time to breath much less come here.It was a busy week much deserving of solace but with very little of it to go around.

3 half days this week sent Sammy into a tail spin. Each day has gotten worse. On Monday afternoon he broke the glass on my door.  On Tuesday he was sent to the principles office for calling his teacher a name and maniacal laughter.Wednesday I was physically unable to get him to the bus. Thursday was thanksgiving and I gave up. He watched TV all morning. My Uncle and his lovely daughter were here, along with my parents, my brother and his amazing fiance. Miss B has autism too, though she is differently affected than Sammy or Tyler. She sat at the kid table (what was I thinking with a kid's table?) MissB had a video camera and was taping the kids and this resulted in crazy over the top screaming peals of laughter continually  pouring from the kitchen. By the end of the night both Sammy and Nate were in full meltdown mode as was I. We wanted to take a day Friday and relax and get the tree, however even that didn't work. Sammy has obsessed over his pants being wet and over the possibility of things in his eyes.
It feels like it has been a week of meltdowns (and not just Sammy)
I need to breath.
but it feels like there isn't any air.