Friday, November 11, 2011

Testing a Hypothesis

Sammy can't eat candy but he loves trick or treating. I always struggles with what we to do with all the candy he gets. This year more than half of it disappeared before I could really worry about that (I think the teens took it to school). However I was smart and did pull out a few pieces for science experiments. Last year we used a bunch of the yucky candy and tested all sorts of things with it. This year, it was the first thing Sammy asked to do. So he set up an experiment 3 glasses of hot water, 3 cold, 2 twizzlers, 2 now and laters, two gob stoppers and 2 gumballs.

Right-Cold                                Left-Hot    

Here is what he learned.
Now and Later - In hot water melts in 5 minutes, in cold it takes over an hour. they make the water cloudy colored and foamy.
Twizzler - Never melt or dissolve no matter what you do. they do end up with a paste like covering. the water color does not change.
Gumballs - loose their covering but never loose the shape, they dont even get softer with just water. change the water (along with the gobstoppers in the same glass but do not change the clarity or consistency)
Gobstopper - Melt in about and hour in hot water and 3 in cold.
 We really had such a great time doing this together. I am almost tempted to go to the store and buy more candy to try different things