Friday, November 4, 2011

Perspective directive

 Have you ever had to describe something to another person? Of course you have unless you have been living under a rock or you are entirely non verbal. Even babies will get their point across by making up signs, throwing themselves toward the object or by using some other squealing/screaming/wailing protocol. Descriptive words come pretty standard to most people and it is fairly easy to find the words to make another person understand what your talking about. Unless, your Sammy.

In our house context clues mean nothing and often times Sammy describes things in minute detail while leaving out the larger picture. Movies are often the hardest for us because he sees details that my husband and I do not. It's like trying to make a puzzle when all of the pieces are face down except for one. Sammy is trying to earn a movie night at home here. So close, just one day without death threats or hitting me.He almost made it last night until he lost it as we were sitting down to dinner and I got punched in the leg.

He came downstairs after calming down
He kept asking for the glass people movie. the move you know with glass people. When he was pressed for more information this is what we got

"The glass movie,not like mirror glass.the people they are made of glass. there are flowers and a tree it gets chopped up and one of the people get chopped up.There is a bird ,hes not glass he's plastic.One girl gets glue on her.they are made of glass"

Finally he tells me they are red and blue and live in the back yard. At this point I figured it out. did you?
I'll let you know later which movie it was. So take a guess.