Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Dinner Bells actually.

We all love food in this house. In fact if you ask any of the kids what their favorite things are their first response is always a food. In fact I asked them for this purpose.
What is your favorite thing?
Tyler- tacos(after fire)
Austin-John- Fish and chips (after guns of course)
Samuel - cereal in a box!
Nathaniel- Pancakes...with bacon and syrup.
Grace- cookies! momma! and fruit pie.
Evangeline - banana I would think. If she sees one from across the room she points and squeals.

I have been having looking for a way to help the kids feel like they have more stake in the household. I devised a plan for each child to have a day to cook. They choose the meal, make the list, and cook the entire thing. I help the boys and Daniel helps Grace on her day.

Monday- Nate
Tuesday - Tyler (aka Mexican night)
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday- A.J.
Friday- Sam
Saturday- Grace and daddy
Sunday is all mine.

Sam wanted to make lasagna this past Friday and it was SPECTACULAR. A.J.'s  has been a win each week with a lemon dill Hake, stuffed burgers, and 2x baked potatoes. Tyler made some stellar Cheesy Chicken Burritos, and an amazing boiled dinner. Sam struggled the first week with focus and quit half way through. Nate made pancakes with hash browns, pineapple banana sauce, and bacon this week. Grace made chowder one week and grilled cheese the next. She wants to make fruit pie for dinner this week. We have to work on that one for sure.

We have been having fun and its nice to see the boys learning skills they are going to need in life. Grace really looks forward to Daddy cook time on "purple day"