Wednesday, January 15, 2014

45 Days

It's been 45 days since our van was stolen.

They never did find the thing. It is either out of state or it has been scrapped. Either way it's irrelevant.
That van was on it's last leg. It's inspection sticker was over a year expired, the doors fell off if you opened them wrong, the brake light was out, it smelled of something similar to old cheese, it would die if the brake light stayed down, it had a check engine light that stayed on for over a year, the oil gauge light came on every time you stopped, the front seats didn't move so I had to drive with a pillow behind me (since I am so short), and the brakes were going.

It was dying.
I don't care if it didn't move at all. the fact remains that someone took it. I don't care why or how. I don't understand why people don't understand that if it isn't yours DON'T take it. I don't care if it shows up on your door step. unless it's wrapped and addressed to you IT ISN'T YOURS!

I had been praying for a new van. This wasn't what I meant. Sometimes prayers are answered in ways we can never understand because it is all for his glory. In the end, the outcome was better than I could have imagined.

The van was replaced but there was more to it.
Again we were given amazing gifts of love and support.
A fractured family relationship was repaired.
Our community, church, family, and friends showed us what true selfless giving is really about.
In the end we were blessed.

I think about the people who stole our van often.
I was angry for a second. When my beautiful Grace cried giant tears of true loss and sorrow over her shoes and her car seat, I was ANGRY.
I don't care if you hurt me. So many people have and will again I am sure. My babies are a different story.

It's those moments I find it hardest to pray for the thieves. It's those moments that I need to pray for them the most. Because, anger can be so caustic. It destroys you from the inside out until all anyone sees is a bitter angry old person that cannot or will not smile.
I can't let them take any more from me then they have already
and so
I pray for them.

"Heavenly Father, you above all people know my heart and theirs. you know their motivations, their needs, and their wants. I ask you to bless them Lord because you, not I , are the final judge. Help them to be so blessed they hear your words and return to you. Help them to listen to your calling and change so that they do not inflict pain on anyone else intentionally again"
In your name ~ Amen

I have prayed it more in the last two weeks then ever before. I am certain I will be praying it more in the weeks to come.