Monday, January 13, 2014


I hate to admit it. I am a yeller.

I yell when something scares me. I yell when I am angry.
I yell when I am frustrated. I yell when I am being ignored.

It's terrible really.

and my kids tune me out.

I was starting to really worry that maybe I missed something with Nate until yesterday. I was ready to yell and I stopped. I got eye level with him and explained it to him. Without frustration or impatience.
I watched it click.

So today I banished yelling.

I prayed hard before my feet even hit the floor. I knew I was undertaking a HUGE thing. I didn't allow myself  to say " I can't"

I showed up and gave my kids every ounce of what I want them to give me.

One whole day without yelling. (though at the end of the day I may have spoken a little louder than need be when Sammy hurt Evangeline by playing to rough)
But I am calling it a win.

Praise God.
Today I had the grace to make it happen. I will make tomorrow the same.