Tuesday, March 31, 2009

soccer saga

last season we played soccer. it was a first here. Tyler ,AJ and Sam all played their first year. Tyler was amazing. he ran and kicked and just all around was fantastic. I was amazed since he was never that into any other sports but he just loved soccer. AJ again is just good at everything it seems and has yet to find a sport he isn't phenomenal at. Sammy... well, it wasn't pretty. he hated it. i mean REALLY HATED it. every practice every game he hated it. i would physically dress him put him in the car and take him.
It was horrid. one day i left to get coffee. Dan stayed with him. Dan left to get a soda at the shack and Sammy took off for the lot. the poor parents with him chased him but he wanted to be spider man and jump on the moving cars.. it was a rough season. for months after the season ended he would wake up give me a sideways look and ask me (in a voice that made it quite clear that my eye balls were optional) "my have soccer today?" he hated every single second of it.
I wasn't going to sign him up I swear i wasn't going to. but... he heard me talking about it. he begged and pleaded that he wants to play soccer. yes WANTS to play soccer. in fact he has put on his uniform once a day for the two weeks since i mentioned it. so i signed him up. and Tyler. and AJ. dear God what was i thinking???this may get ugly.
anyone want to come see a game?