Friday, March 13, 2009

The land of Spinning pumpkins

Things have been very "autism" here. I dont know how else to say it. I haven't had any time to post things and am still getting caught up on all of my vacation posts. Sam has been like the energizer bunny these days. maybe it's spring coming , maybe it's my insanity, who knows.
he has quickly vacillated between one thing and another, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde if you will.

One minute he is saying " i call you sweetheart, I just love you more than camels" the next it's " i hate you, My want a new mommy" his newest choice phrase HOLY SHIT! he says it just to say mostly but once in a while he makes it make sense.

we had his IEP and they did give him full days and speech 30 minutes in/30 minutes out. He also has a socialization goal and such. I have a terrible fear he is going to fail at kindergarten. How do you fail at kindergarten you ask... well by the end of the year they want him to read, write, count (with 1-1 correspondence) from 1-20, recognize all his colors and shapes, and be able to pick his name out of a group of other names that start with S ...independently! he will get the colors, he may even get the name. but this poor boy cant count past 12 and with 1-1 number shape correspondence only gets to 6. and that took him 18 months to learn. he knows the letter S-A-M but he never puts them in order. again 22 months of home ABA.
so i dont see how it is even possible really. but he surprises me every day so who knows. we will try and if we fail we start over. no harm no foul?